Emotional awareness around DSB’s strategy

There was explosive applause when DSB’s Strategy 2030 film was shown September 10, 2014 to DSB’s directors, managers and representatives at the yearly strategy conference.

The film is just one part of a larger communication platform based around DSB’s strategy, which boldly looks forward to 2030. It is also the last in the series of five internal films conceptualized and produced by Copenhagen Film Company during the past year.

Director Uffe Truust has attempted to establish an overall narrative that all of DSB can take part in. “In a cinematic language, we can not explain the strategy components concretely, but we can give the audience an emotional awareness around its premises,” says Truust.

The overall philosophy in this series is that messages disseminated from person to person communicate more clearly and intuitively. This creates personal identification, which in turn bolsters pride, dedication and understanding.

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Filming for Norad around the world.

We are currently producing a series of eight films for Norad – Norwegian Agency of Development Corporation – about Norwegian aid and development around the world. This has just taken us to Uganda. What a country! What people! Fascinating to have the chance to make two films about anti-corruption and slum women rights. Strong, very creative people using whatever means they have to fight for their rights. The images are from the area around Kampala and all the way to the border with Congo.

A Challenging Documentary from a Secluded Country

This unusual coming of age story takes us on a journey of discovery full of mermaid encounters, magic monkeys, drunken grannies and Bhutanese pop music. 19-year-old Dechen is living with her mother and little brother in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Dechen dreams of becoming a famous singer, and has succeeded in becoming a contestant in the Bhutan TV singing contest “Druk Super Star”.

As the competition evolves, Dechen explores the story of her beloved late grandmother, who was a singing talent just like Dechen. In her search for identity, Dechen uncovers a dark family history in which blessings and curses stand side by side.

SHE SINGS challenges the limits of documentary language with a poetic visual language that leads us into the life of a young girl alienated in her own culture. It is the first experimental documentary coming out of this formerly closed country in the midst of the Himalayas. Bhutan was the last country in the world to allow TV, in 1999, and has only in the past decade established its own movie industry. The transition from child to adult in the young girl reflects a country in the middle of a transition between the old and the modern world.

The documentary was shown at CPH:DOX, November 2011.


The directors are the Danish Caroline Sascha Cogez and as co-director the Bhutanese Dechen Roder. Caroline wrote the script for SHE SINGS. Caroline has won numerous film awards and her films have been shown at festivals all over the world. She has directed films such as Emmalou and Les Amours Perdus. Dechen Roder has directed numerous films, including Original Photocopy of Happiness and the documentary series The first ray of READ in Bhutan. Dechen has also edited a series of short films, includingWake up Jigs and Girl with Red Sky.



Moving and Witty Documentary on DR1

Madame Soeborg’s Sense of Life  – the story of a very outspoken old lady.

Anne-Marie Soeborg is 95 years old, cultural-radical, and lives in Copenhagen. Lying in bed, receiving visitors and drinking Manhattans, Anne-Marie has strong opinions on everything and a grotesque sense of humor. Her grand-daughter, Anna-Katarina, travels the world, filming for the New York Times, and her daughter, Anne-Mette, works as a pastor, despite having lost a leg and an arm in a car accident. The three women are living together – an arrangement that has lasted for six generations. Men are wonderful, but only for show and fun. We join Anne-Marie at her bedside for her 95th birthday and witness the revelation of family secrets.

søeborg-m-cigaret1        søeborg-tænksom-720x478

Madam Soeborg’s Sense of Life is the story of three strong and independent women. To the sounds of yesteryear playing from the old B&O reel-to-reel in the living room, the viewers are led into an enchanting Copenhagen universe of canapés and theatre shows from olden days.

The film is the first in a trilogy on three generations of charismatic women.

Madam Soeborg’s Sense of Life
January 2nd 2014, 20:30 at DR1

Planner: Anna Elisabeth Jessen
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin
Editor: Steen Johannesen
Cast: Anne-Marie Soeborg, Anne-Mette Gravgaard, og Anna-Katarina Gravgaard

Produced by COPENHAGEN FILM COMPANY for DR1 and funded by The Velux Foundation and The A.P. Moller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Moller Foundation for General Purposes.